About My Space Retreats

Jane Palmer

Psychotherapist & Artist



My Space Art Retreats

There is a growing understanding of the impact of creativity and the environment on health and wellbeing. My Painting Retreats are designed to renew your mind, heart and spirit midst the most beautiful count of Cornwall. Connect with your creativity and renew your spirit and recharge your batteries. My Space Art Retreats aim to invigorate and transform you way of thinking and looking at the environment and yourself. The focus is on you as an individual and your creativity.  My work is often a response to a moment in time, a scene. I look, observe, visually recording in my mind but more importantly storing the feeling I am experiencing from within.When I sell my work I do not expect anyone else to share the feeling I have experienced but I would like them to just enjoy the outcome. However I do challenge anyone to look at the sea, the sand, the sky and the land, to close your eyes and take in a large, deep breath and then open your eyes and observe, observe not only the scene but the feeling.

My Space Therapeutic Retreats

Get away from it all, take back command, focus on yourself. Together we will explore nature and the stunning Cornish environment to invigorate your senses and to make a positive change to your wellbeing and self belief. Creative and reflective activities aim to recharge your batteries and provide different ways to touch base with and strengthen the inner self, yourself. Sharing your reflections and being part of the group is fundamental to the process, agreeing to be a member of a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space is crucial to the ethos of My Space Retreats. After your retreat (additional fee) there will be the opportunity for continued support through additional 1:1 Skype sessions. 

Be Purely selfish, put yourself first for once !!